Spring Ignition

at Taurus Bar
on 28th to 29th March

An evening of an eclectic mix of short pieces of theatre from some of the fantastic new and emerging talent from the North West - with a Spring theme.

Excerpts from To Poets, Lungs, The Weed Dreams, Three Sisters, and Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder are to be performed

Lungs tell the story of a man and a woman on their journey of creating new life, and whether in this modern world, bringing a child into the world is something of a guilty act.
And although we analyse and evaluate the pros and cons of 21st century life and plan our lives in great detail, are we missing the opportunities in life and not seizing the moment. 

The Weed Dreams
The Leader is watching. The Leader is Listening. The Leader is everywhere. In a society where appreciation of the commanding is the decider of your future, the choice of who you are comes down to two options, a weed or a crop. The Weed Dreams' is a light hearted yet, a sub-textual piece, exploring how we as the public are rewarded, or destroyed, by how much love and admiration we give to our 'Leaders'. Any wrong thing said or done could result in immediate, death or imprisonment, and everyone knows it. So keep on clapping. 

Three Sisters
Set against the backdrop of Russia at the end of the 19th century, Three Sisters tells the journey of a family who struggle to find their own paths in life. In a time when the class structure was changing around them, the sisters must make a personal sacrifice each to cope with the challenges that they face.

Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder
London, 1910. A manor house located miles away from the bustling city, all is not what it seems, as on the surface, it appears to be a dream come true for both Henry and Miranda. However, a deeper, darker secret is locked inside the grounds. A secret which, if unearthed, will threaten to destroy everything that they hold most dear.

At Taurus Bar, 1 Canal Street, Manchester, M1 3HE

Tickets are £4 (£3 concession) - on the door

More information on the cast and creative team - here

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