Spring Ignition

at The Black Lion
on 4th to 6th April

An evening of an eclectic mix of short pieces of new and unique theatre created by some of the fantastic new and emerging talent from the North West - with a Spring theme.

Writers and actors were brought together to creatre new peieces of theatre specifically to be shown as part of this event.

At The Black Lion, 65 Chapel St, Salford, Lancashire M3 5BZ

Tickets are £6 (£5 concession) - available on ibookedit

The plays are:

Bow Wow Pow Wow
A heavily pregnant dog has been hit by a car and the staff at a local vet’s must perform an emergency caesarean section.  As tensions from their personal lives boil over into the operating theatre, can our team deliver the puppies without having kittens?
(Written by Martin Henshell; Starring Billy Brayshaw, Rose Van Leyenhorst & Ashley MackIntosh)

Sascha, a faded 60s pop starlet, has been offered a reality show by her agent. Her daughter, who has been groomed for stardom, couldn’t think of anything worse. She’d rather have a mother, especially as she has been holding back on the news she is about to make her a grandmother.
(Written by Joseph Flynn; Starring Laura Plows & Carole Bardsley)

Spring has arrived and with it the time for making babies. Sarah has it all planned out, Brian may need some convincing, and Dave, the dog, remains firmly opposed.
(Written by Chris Jenkins; Starring Kaylea Simon & Ryan Dolan)

Slouching Towards Bethlehem
Ten years ago a Faustian pact brought Lilith and Eve together. Now is the time for the debt to be called in. With minutes to go before her soul is lost forever, Eve wants it back. But how do you argue for your own soul?
(Written by Robert Pegg; Starring Rose Van Leyenhorst & Laura Plows)

They say youth is wasted on the young. Now you can relive your youth with 'Wellspring', the exciting new product from AgeRight Pharmasolutions. Forget those aches and pains, and make the winter of your life an eternal spring.
(Written by Sarah Logan; Starring Carole Bardsley, Billy Brayshaw & Ashley MackIntosh)

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