Seconds Out



Written by Helen East: Al has had his time in the limelight as a boxer and is now training the boxers of the future; he can't wait for his young protégé, Danny, to battle it out at the upcoming Commonwealth Games. Danny is enjoying the fame and adulation but has decided he doesn't want to go. Can anyone "win" in this battle of wills? Set in real time in an inner-city gym, the play asks the question how far would you go for someone you love?


Seconds Out is one of the successful scripts from our 2009 script call.


The show was presented as a double bill with “The Benefit of Time” 3-6 February at Taurus Bar.



“Both actors give convincing performances, and the ending is particularly strong." Manchester Confidential


Audience Feedback

“Excellent hard hitting! 5/5”; “Tremendously gutsy moments of great emotional impact from the script and both actors. 4.5/5”; “Well acted – held everyone’s attention throughout. 5/5”



The show was presented at the Write Now Festival in Liverpool 27th March to 2nd April



“Seconds Out is a tight, rough, tough drama set in the world of amateur boxing and pretty impressive it is too. The story grips from beginning to end” Liverpool Daily Post


“A well-directed, exquisitely observed, unpretentious and engaging piece of theatre whereby one genuinely felt empathy with the characters. Definitely worth catching.” Liverpool Echo



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