at The Kings Arms

on 26th to 28th June



Continuing on from last year we bring back Perspectives - bringing writers and directors together to create three thirty minute pieces of theatre on the theme of History.


This years plays are:


Century's Sisters (Writer/Director Lynn Pegler)

What does it mean to be a feminist? Two women, living in the same house in two different centuries, compare their lives and their aspirations. Sarah is a modern, well-educated lawyer who takes part in the 2011 Manchester Slut March but suffers from a bullying husband. She is visited by a Suffragette ghost, Edith, who takes her back to the Votes for Women struggles of 1911, to help her re-evaluate what really matters.


Inference (Writer Michael Rumney, Director Sarah Van Parys)

A mysterious letter turns up in 2014 which may help solve why they are missing pages in Annie Boyle’s 1923 diary. Can Annie’s distant relative Frances figure out what happened the night the Boyle’s lost their pub licence and why Annie and Tommy split up?


Smiles Fade In The Morning (Writer Josh Hinds, Director Amy Liptrott)

Monica and Joseph are deeply in love with one another and recently moved in together. However, after a particularly wild house warming party Monica’s necklace has gone missing. As the two begin to search for the necklace they begin to expose more and more things about each that they dislike.




At The Kings Arms, 11 Bloom St, Salford, M3 6AN


Tickets are £5 (£4 concession) - available online here:











More information on the cast (here)


More information on the creative team (here)


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