at The Kings Arms

on 21st to 22nd June



Continuing on from last year we bring back Perspectives - bringing writers and directors together to create two forty five minute pieces of theatre this time.


The teams are put together and given ideas to show different Perspectives, the theme this time is Occupation.


At The Kings Arms, 11 Bloom St, Salford, M3 6AN


Tickets are £4 (£3 concession) - available online soon


These will be rehearsed readings




The pieces are:



A British army camp overseas is forced by the cost-conscious UK Government to become a pilot for a new scheme to privatise the storemasters section of the army.

Writer: Steve Timms & Director: Paul Blinkhorn

Cast: Kevin Kinson, Steve Cain Philip James Lunt


Facing North

Set in an unnamed country in the process of occupation by an invading army, a farmer and his pregnant wife attempt to flee across the border into neutral territory - which brings them into direct conflict with a ruthless army captain.

Writer: Callum Mitchell & Director: Paul Anderton

Cast: Lane Paul Stewart, Kaylea Simon, Mark Smalley




For more information on the writers and directors behind the pieces click here


For more information on the actors click here


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