Continuing on from our successful Chaotic Combinations series Perspectives brings writers and directors together to create four thirty minute pieces.


The teams were put together and given ideas to show different Perspectives, the themes are Modern Britain and Pregnancy.


The shows were at Three Minute Theatre 19th-22nd September 2012 7:30pm


The pieces are:


Duty Of Care

A man has to choose between hope and despair but who will help him make his decision?

Why do they care?

And why should we?

Writer: Rik O’Neill & Director: Melissa Anne Ward

Cast: Peter M George, Callan Durrant, Mez Galaria


Diabetic Penguins

Time strides by, flows by, can drag by.

Quick time, double time. Out of step. On the wrong side of the line.

This is a play about waiting to get back to your life again.

Writer: Jess L & Director: Davina Shrank

Cast: Jarreau Benjamin, Abraham Tiyamiyu, John Bulwich



Michelle, Samantha and Mark all work in a successful PR firm, with a lifestyle many would envy. When Michelle discovers she is pregnant, she think that there is only one solution, until her discovery brings to light past traumas suffered by her colleagues. What will she decide? What does fate have in store?

Writer: Ben Spencer & Director: Andrew C. Husband

Cast: Kurt Nikko, Jessica Hallows, Rebekah Harrison


Staying Positive

A baby doesn’t ruin your life. He inherits it.” Two short tales explore the dangers of having a bun in the oven when there’s no-one at home.

Writer: Gregory Skulnick & Director: Rebecca Fearnley

Cast: Natalie Fletcher, James Oates




For more information on the writers and directors behind the pieces click here


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