Peacefully At Home


Is any family gathering ever truly peaceful? When Bridget and her grown up children gather to say goodbye to their father long held secrets threaten to be revealed, just as new ones may be about to be created.   


There will be a small amount of smoking in this production.


Peacefully At Home is one of the successful scripts from our 2010 script call.


The trailer for the show is here


The film of the show at Taurus is here



The show was premiered at Taurus Bar, 6th-9th April 2011




**** "the piece delivers on emotional intensity due to the high quality of the writing and acting" Harriet Chandler, What's On Stage


"Nicola Schofield skilfully sets up an apparently close and devoted family which then falls apart before our eyes; the shocks keep coming right up to the very last moment." Caroline May, UK Theatre Network


Audience Feedback


"Heart-felt, closely observed and provocative work. Wonderful sense of timing to heighten the emotions. Really enjoyable. 5/5"; "Heart wrenching stuff. Well performed by all!”; "Amazing intensity in the room the entire time, what wonderful acting. 5/5"; "Absolutely brilliant! Very well written and acted. 5/5"; "Superbly entertaining. A treat. 5/5"



The show was performed at Smiths Restaurant, 18th-19th May 2011


Audience Feedback


Well written, thoughtful & compelling script; beautiful emotionally charged performances; fantastic play, really enjoyed it 5/5.



The show went on to the Buxton Fringe Festival with Underground Venues 16th -20th July




"Organised Chaos bring us a charming and affecting production" Sian Dudley, Buxton Festival Fringe


Audience Feedback


“I’ve seen a lot of one act plays and this is one of the best. Congratulations to cast, crew and author. 5/5”; “Moving performance showing a whole range of emotions 4/5”



Audience feedback from Embryo (where a short excerpt was performed):

“Really enjoyed this great actors. Excited to see finished piece.” “Fantastic script-brilliant acting. Makes me want to see it all.” “Lovely script” “Cast with real potential think this will be good” “Really strong” “performances and natural” “Well acted.” “Amazing!!!! Well written and excellent performances. Loved the little bits”



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