Old Ground


The show will be coming to 53Two this September



Ode to Saddleworth


“I beg thee – remember not this ancient land with modern fears not tarnished woe;

For beneath its bleak and blackened name dwell we; blanketed by city, aglow.

Nor penetrate murky soils, further – or be worthy, reckless game

To those sepia coupled portraits, attached, by shyly feeding on the shame;

For both were the two faces of the Devil, and ‘twere up here where He did dance;

And never were His twirls so hellish as when in love – His reflection, enhanced.

Therefore, seeks final riddance for these morbid, ravaged myths;

Not wade, unenlightened, as further victims in its mists.

So hail, hereafter, five names – as your compassion they’d expect.

Brief sparks to be not whispered; minus horrors, plus respects.

For four lie in peace now, and half a century sown;

Another be here unseen, still.

And he if one of our own”



Old Ground tells the story of two lovers who, against the backdrop of Manchester's swinging sixties, became the most notorious and despised serial-killers in British criminal history. Crimes so depraved and macabre, their extents would remain unspoken, and untouched, for another two decades.

From their separate prison cells in the 1980s, rumours of even more atrocities begin to surface. The psychopath seeks to exact revenge on his ex-lover, while she - claiming to be a changed and innocent woman - simply wants her freedom... and at any cost.

But will the truth ever prevail in this very public battle of two abominable evils?




To assist with the specific technical requirements during this production, ticket holders are kindly requested to wear black or very dark clothes for each performance.


Suitable for audiences aged 16+

Contains some challenging dialogue





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Writer and audience reaction -  coming soon

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Wed 27 Sept 8pm

Thurs 28 Sept 3pm

Thurs 28 Sept 8pm

Fri 29 Sept 8pm

Sat 30 Sept 3pm

Sat 30 Sept 8pm


At 53Two - Albion Street, Manchester, M1 5LN (underneath the old Bauer Millett arches, opposite The Britons Protection)


Book here or call 0843 208 0500














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