Joy With Child


Written by Kim Wiltshire:


Following the death of ‘60’s bad boy of art, Kenny, his widow Corrinna has moved herself into the basement. She has been living here for a year, estranged from her children and, possibly, slowly losing her mind.


She keeps seeing a man. His name is David and he keeps appearing in her basement, she doesn’t know how or why. Stephen, her son-in-law and only contact with the outside world, doesn’t seem that interested or seem to believe her when she tells him of this strange presence. Stephen has his own problems, anyway. His relationship with Maz is deteriorating, and Corrinna has no interest in her first grandchild, as she says, she is too young to be a grandmother.


David, who is real, is searching. He knows Corrinna’s basement holds the clue to his life, but he doesn’t know how or where. As each person tries to hold onto their own sense of self, of sanity, they come together and try to find what they have felt is missing from their lives.


Joy With Child was one of the successful scripts from our 2009 script call.


The trailer for the show is here



Audience feedback from Embryo (where a short excerpt was performed):

“A tasty trailer – certainly makes me want to see the rest”; “Intense”; “Grabbed my interest – want to see more”; “Fantastic – want to see the whole thing now!”; “I'd like to see the whole play”; “Intriguing piece. well performed”


The show was premiered on 30th September to 2nd October at Taurus Bar.


Audience Feedback

“An amazing experience. So powerful. So true to life. We were riveted throughout. What a venue. What a bar. What a production! 5/5”, “Really enjoyable script – very engaging. It was a very successful production. All acting was extremely well delivered – well done. 4/5”, “Great production in a difficult space. Design made excellent use of the space, really felt like we were in the location. Strong performances, especially Lee Joseph who was endlessly watchable. Nice touches from the director – hope to see more from this company.”, “A very enjoyable production. Extremely well acted by all 3 actors. Really glad I came. 5/5”



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