Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell


by Keith Waterhouse


Jeff Bernard (played by award winning actor Phil Dennison) awakes early one morning locked in his favourite haunt, The Coach and Horses pub in Soho. Unable to leave, and with only alcohol for company, he makes the best of the situation and reminisces about his world of women, drinking and cat-racing.


The trailer for the show is here


Audience feedback from Embryo (where a short excerpt was performed):

“Very well acted”; “Excellent!!”; “Innovative, great set up... good performance that was sharp and insightful”; “Delivered immaculately with dignity that made we want to cry.”; “Great-I would like to see the whole thing”; “Lovely performance-look forward to performance in Nov.”; “Superb, understated acting and sweet script”


The show was produced at Studio Salford 17-20th November 2010 at Studio Salford


The first part of the highlights is here and the second part is here


The show won Best Production and Best Set Design (Ray Walker) at the Studio Salford BIFTAs; it was also shortlisted for Best Light & Sound  (Stephen Hull & Mark Creamer), Best Male Actor (Phil Dennison), Best Female Actor (Zoe Matthews) and Best Director (Gayle Hare).





***** - Organised Chaos Productions have produced an excellent version of a twenty-one year-old play that wrings laughter and warmth from a simple well-written concept.

Simon Fisher, Remotegoat


The first thing to say is that this is an absolute tour de force by Phil Dennison, who has us spellbound for two hours with his authentic but beguiling portrait of the seedy, alcoholic raconteur.

Caroline May,


Called upon to depict an array of Bernard’s acquaintances, ex-lovers, colleagues and friends, Edward Barry, Simon Griffiths and Zoe Matthews gave impeccable performances but Samantha Vaughan was the stand-out member of the ensemble.

Helen Nugent, British Theatre Guide


Gayle Hare’s production for Organised Chaos is a fantastic achievement from a clearly confident young company and well worth seeing.

Caroline May,


Audience Feedback


“Highly enjoyable. Thank you for a great night. 5/5”; “Brilliant. Beautifully created and tremendous acting. Well done!! 5/5”; “Really enjoyed all the performances, brilliantly staged. Big 5.5/5”; “Loved it! Thought it was best show I’ve seen at Studio Salford. 5/5”; “We saw Peter O’Toole do this play about 10 years ago in London. Your production was every bit as riveting.”


Unfortunately as the rights aren’t available the show won’t be taken any where else.


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