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Nurturing theatrical talent in the most chaotically organised way you could imagine. Organised Chaos Productions was set up in 2009 to help and support undiscovered and emerging talent in Manchester and the North West providing platforms for this creativity by successfully taking care of all the production technicalities.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make Organised Chaos Productions a successful producing company of high quality, thought provoking new works, supporting undiscovered and emerging talent in the North-West - putting open calls out for every role within Organised Chaos.

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WINNER - New Writing Award - Buxton Fringe Festival 2012 (AfterWords)
WINNER - Best Production - Studio Salford BIFTA 2010 (Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell)
WINNER - Best Set Design - Studio Salford BIFTA 2010 (Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell)
Nominated - Best Light & Sound, Best Male Actor, Best Female Actor, and Best Director (Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell)

What the industry thinks

"With each new offering, Organised Chaos raise their game. Strong production standards couple with a magical mix of writers and actors to bring about some wonderful work. And long may they continue to do so..." Porl Cooper, HUB and General Manager, Slung Low

“I was really impressed with Boy On A Bed. Nicely written and with good central performances. It told a simple story really well – with no wasted words, great pace and refreshing energy. The company clearly have a strong following and the show worked well in our space” Steve Cowton - Head of Theatre Operations, The Lowry

“With a solid reputation as the North's leading supporters of new talent, the Manchester based company are, in my opinion, sorely underrated. My latest experience has certainly confirmed this! ‘A Lot of It About' and 'Broken' are fine examples of the varied, moving, entertaining and challenging work we can expect from Organised Chaos. When one considers that all of this talent is sourced from open calls - for both the actors and writers - it becomes an even more exciting company. I, for one, cannot wait to see what they do next!” Francesca Lewis, Yorkshire Times, on Broken & A Lot Of It About (click here for the full article)

“It was nice to see it was tight, real and gritty but not self-conscious production. The audience can take a load off and leave concerns about interpretation and delivery up to the theatre company, which is what the theatre-going experience should be about.” Katia Spathia, Nerve Magazine on Broken & A Lot Of It About (click here for the full article)

**** Well crafted play directed with panache. Excellent writing…  Stirring stuff. Julia Taylor, What’s On Stage on AfterWords (click here for the full article)

****½ an impressive piece from Organised Chaos Productions which moves effortlessly from comedy to deal with an extremely sensitive issue, exploring the limits of friendship and provoking a powerful emotional response. Laura Maley, Public Reviews on All Because Of Molly (click here for the full article)

****  the piece delivers on emotional intensity due to the high quality of the writing and directing Harriet Chandler, What's On Stage on Peacefully At Home (click here for the full article)

"If they can produce this standard of work on their first outing they're definitely worth watching in the future."  Joan Davies, Manchester Confidential on The Benefit of Time and Seconds Out  (click here for the full article)

***** - Organised Chaos Productions have produced an excellent version of a twenty-one year-old play that wrings laughter and warmth from a simple well-written concept. Simon Fisher, Remotegoat on Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell (click here for the full article)

“Over seven years as Director of the annual 24:7 Theatre Festival I have watched more than 100 new scripts being brought to life and enjoyed by audiences in our non-theatre venues. I am delighted to see the members of Organised Chaos adding production skills to their range of expertise. The writers, directors and actors they work with will also benefit from this collaboration, as will the regional performance scene. Good luck and may the Fates look kindly on you!” David Slack, Executive Producer, 24:7 Theatre Festival

What our audiences think

"Hope to see more from this company"

“Brilliant. Beautifully created and tremendous acting. Well done!! 5/5”

“Really enjoyed all the performances, brilliantly staged. Big 5.5/5”

“An amazing experience. So powerful, so true to live. We were riveted throughout. What a production!”

“Thought the acting was superb. Looking forward to the next one.”

“Intense, professional & funny!”

“What a fabulous play – surprising, entertaining and intelligent. Great to see such good writing in such a modest setting.”

“Fantastic, enjoyable, very funny. Magic cast! Better than the west end"

"Richly written, well acted, brilliantly staged, excellent direction"

“Excellent production. Very funny and well written. Fab acting and done in a very intimate way without being in your face.”

“Tremendously gutsy moments of great emotional impact from the script and both actors. 4.5/5”

"Superbly entertaining. A treat. 5/5"

Some comments from the people we have worked with:

“It was a great opportunity for me, especially being my first theatre piece, the script and cast were fantastic and I particularly enjoyed unpacking my character and developing the back story with the other actors.”

“For me it was a positive experience to see my play through from being chosen from the script call, through to auditions, rehearsals and being staged. It was important to me as a writer that I knew the piece would be staged and there was a sense of purpose.”

“It renewed my confidence, but also made me think how my writing has moved on and how can I move forward in the future. Also how important collaboration is, and that’s also what makes theatre enjoyable. It isn’t an isolated process. To sit with an audience teaches you so much as does working with actors and seeing them rehearse, asks questions about character and so forth.”

"I learnt how the collaboration of writer, actors, director and everyone else involved came together to make a play a reality."

"I haven't toured before so it was good to experience the organisation of it."

"I thought the production side was excellent. I found working with Organised Chaos in all these areas to be highly professional, respectful and fully committed."

"I think you have all done a fabulous job. Well done!"

"The team, management, actors and playwrights, have been a pleasure to work with"

"Good judgement on script choice and the flyers and promotional material were superb"

"You were all so friendly from the first meeting at the audition"

"I am very inspired by the commitment and care of the actors, director and production team".

"The directors have done an excellent job in launching new talent in the North West"

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