Bottled Wasps


Grace and Patrick have returned to the scene of their great romantic adventure, the small seaside hotel where they stayed when they left their respective partners in order to be together.  During the course of an evening they realise that much has changed. Walter, mine host, has his own issues: defender of his country and its traditions and what thanks do you get?  With a complimentary bar and a sniper’s rifle that can take off the top of your head from half a mile away, how bad can it get?


This production is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England


This is a script chosen from our 2011 script call



The highlights film  - coming soon

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“Bottled Wasps presents an intense hour of entertainment.” Buxton Fringe


Audience Feedback


"Very well acted, a lot of issues dealt with in a very  concise, very funny hour"


"Loved every minute! Perfect example of comedy drama"



Tour Dates


18-21 April  7:30pm - Joshua Brooks, Manchester (with debut cast)

7th & 9th July 4:30pm - Buxton Fringe Festival, Underground Venues - Paupers Pit (current cast took over)

8th July 9pm - Buxton Fringe Festival, Underground Venues - Paupers Pit

11th July 2:30 & 7:30pm - Kings Arms, Salford (with AfterWords)

6 September 8pm - Preston Tringe Festival - (with AfterWords) New Continental, Preston (book)

19-20 September 8pm - Smiths Restaurant, Eccles (book)

6-7 November 7.45pm - (with AfterWords) The Carriageworks, Leeds (book)

16-17 November 7.30pm - (with AfterWords) Lantern Theatre, Liverpool (book)

22 November 8pm - (with AfterWords) Square Chapel, Halifax (book)



For part of the tour the show will be part of a double bill alongside AfterWords - click here for more info



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