All Because Of Molly


Jaime and Casey lead us through memories of the development of their unlikely friendship, its birth in playground adversity, trials of teenage years, adulthood and the dating game. The play provokes audiences to contemplate the essence of friendship and whether our own friendships would survive the test that confronts them?   


All Because Of Molly was one of the rehearsed readings at the 24:7 Theatre Festival 2010


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The show was premiered at The Lowry, 1st-3rd September 2011




****½ "All Because Of Molly is an impressive piece from Organised Chaos Productions which moves effortlessly from comedy to deal with an extremely sensitive issue, exploring the limits of friendship and provoking a powerful emotional response." Laura Maley, Public Reviews


**** "a more than worthwhile way to spend an evening, especially with a friend in tow" Simon Fisher, Remotegoat


"there's no doubting that All Because Of Molly is a terrific play" Jildy Sauce


*** "the girls' story at the heart of All Because Of Molly is undeniably moving.” Harriet Judd, What’s On Stage


Audience Feedback


“What a wonderful performance. Well written, well produced and well acted. Well done. 5/5” “An excellent production in every respect. A very thought provoking and challenging play. Good luck to you all. 5/5” “An absolutely fantastic production that I would quite gladly watch again. 5/5” “Fantastically dynamic characters and completely shocking plot twist. Fantastic show, thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you! 5/5” “Would definitely recommend” “Really powerful story and great portrayal from all four cast members. Story was easy to relate to - something for everyone - all ages and genders” “Fantastic strong performance. Great characterisation - really got you involved in the story and took you on a journey. Well done to all. 5/5”



The show was performed at The Continental, Preston  8th September  2011




“a marvellous evening’s entertainment” Tarquin Scott, Blog Preston


Audience Feedback


"Excellent portrayal of a friendship!", "Absolutely brilliant, very moving!", "A strong production. Very moving and thought provoking. Thank you.", "Thoroughly enjoyable, thank you", "Good entertainment - excellent acting, I liked the accents", "Confident production", "Absolutely fantastic with superb acting."



Then went on to The Lantern Theatre, Liverpool  9th-10th September


Audience Feedback


"Excellent production. Wonderful acting by all 4 actors. Superb timing from start to finish" "Wonderful performances. I had to stop myself crying" "Wonderful cast, very well written. Would love to see another production from the same company".



and on to Square Chapel, Halifax  15th September


Audience Feedback


"A sensitive performance that couldn't help but alter me 5/5" "wonderfully sensitive exploration of a challenging subject, beautifully executed 5/5" "excellent performance, very moving, enjoyed the pace and light structure 5/5"



and on to Pavilion Arts Centre, Buxton  17th-18th September


Audience Feedback


“Excellent acting - well done. So realistic that I was very upset! Very thought provoking. 5/5” “I loved the performance. Hilariously funny yet so emotional too. Brilliant show, look forward to future productions”



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