Afternoon Tea



Written by Lindsay Kernahan:


What can go wrong over afternoon tea?


Lots, actually! William and Abigail are on a ‘saucy’ weekend away, where each others ‘true colours’ are appearing. Abigail is hoping for wedding bells, little does she know that it’s the furthest thing from Williams mind.


Whether they are discussing themselves, or most likely other people, Jean and Poppy love to gossip, put the world to rights and really just have a good old moan. Whilst they are dunking their rich teas something sinister is happening in one of their homes and Jean is about to find out who's been watching her… and it isn't the cat!


Afternoon Tea was one of the successful scripts from our 2009 script call.


The show was premiered 24-26 April at Taurus Bar.



“Tonight’s performance really tweaked the audience’s funnybone” Caroline May, UK Theatre


Audience Feedback

“Excellent performances and loved the set. Well written!!! 5/5” ; “Excellent production. Very funny and well written. Fab acting and done in a very intimate way without being in your face.”; “All good. Much enjoyed. Well written/directed. Very funny!”


The show was presented at Smiths Restaurant 30th June.


Audience Feedback

"very enjoyable - 4/5"


The show was presented in the Buxton Fringe Festival at Underground Venues  - 12th, 13th & 16th July.



"It’s a neat idea and the writing shows that Lindsay overall has a good ear - and a sure sense of humour and irony." Philip Radcliffe, Manchester Evening News


Audience Feedback

"Well written and very good characterisation - Interest held throughout. Characters developed well." "Fun. Good use of swapping conversations. Clever timing. Convincing!"


The show was presented in the Preston Tringe Festival at The Adelphi  - 29th-31st July.


Audience Feedback

"excellent, really enjoyed it" "very funny and entertaining"



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